Management Structure

Management Structure

Grupo Villar Mir has a simplified corporate structure made up of a group of companies with their own independent management structure and each company is free to carry out daily operations autonomously.

The companies within Grupo Villar Mir are managed with the utmost professionalism and maximum decentralisation, with each subsidiary company wholly responsible for its own balance sheet and income statement. There are almost no horizontal or vertical restrictions imposed within the Group. Therefore, the holding activity is limited to the tasks of holding shares, coordination, management support, monitoring and control.

For management purposes, and with the objective of respecting the individual and autonomous nature of each business area, the Group’s activity is carried out in accordance with the following management structure:


 Holding Division

Grupo Villar Mir  

• Holding and management of the holdings in the Group companies.
• Financial planning and control.
• Management of minor activities.


 Electrometallurgy Division


• Production and sale of ferroalloys and silicon metal.
• Research and development.
• Quartz mining.


 Energy Division

Villar Mir Energia  

• Generation and sale of hydroelectric energy.
• Commercialisation of electricity and natural gas.


 Real State Division

Inmobiliaria Espacio  

• Real Estate activities.


 Construction, Concessions and Services Division


• Infrastructure Development (Concessions).
• Construction activity (civil works and building).
• Services.
• Industrial construction.
• Development.