History of Grupo Villar Mir

July 1987

Acquisition of Inmobiliaria Espacio, S.A. and Obrascón, S.A. from Altos Hornos de Vizcaya (AHV), S.A.

July 1991

Listing of Obrascón, S.A. on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

December 1992

Acquisition of Ferroatlántica, S.L. from Carburos Metálicos, S.A. (already controlled by Air Products).

March 1995

Acquisition of Fesa/Fertiberia from Ercros/Freeport McMoran.

January 1996

Acquisition of Cuarzos Indutriales, S.A. from Cimpor (Portugal).

May 1996

Takeover bid on 100% of Hidro Nitro Española, S.A.

Acquisition of Elsan, S.A. from private investors.

December 1996

Takeover bid on 100% of Sefanitro, S.A.

January 1997

Acquisition of Sato, S.A. from private investors.

June 1998

Takeover merger of Huarte, S.A. by Obrascón (Obrascón Huarte OH, S.A.).

July 1998

Acquisition of Pacadar, S.A. from private investors.

December 1998

Acquisition of 80% of Ferroven, S.A. from the State of Venezuela in a public auction.

May 1999

ATakeover merger of Lain, S.A. by Obrascón Huarte, S.A. (OHL, S.A.).

July 2000

Acquisition of 67% of Rocas, Arcillas y Minerales, S.A. (RAMSA) from Grupo ELKEM (Norway).

May 2005

Acquisition of 100% of Pechiney Électrométallurgie from ALCAN (Canada).

August 2005

Acquisition of 66% Fertial Spa from the State of Algeria.

December 2006

GVM achieves the majority interest (50,7%) in the OHL Group.

December 2007

Commissioning of Torre Espacio Castellana.

January 2008

Acquisition of the assets of Rand Carbide PLC (ferrosilicon plant) in South Africa.

June 2008

Incorporation Ferroatlántica Brasil Mineraçao Ltd.

April 2009

Acquisition of 100% of Adubos de Portugal.

Establishment of Silicio Ferrosolar, S.L.

November 2010

Acquisition of 100% of Céntrica, S.L. (currently Energya VM).
Acquisition of the assets of Sinice Silicon Industries (silicon metal plant) in China (Yunnan).

November 2011

Acquisition of Nova AP.

February 2012

Acquisition of Fercampo.

April 2012

Acquisition of the solar silicon assets of Timminco (Canadá).

July 2012

Acquisition de Sam Quarz (quartz mine in South Africa).

December 2012

Acquisition of 15% of Abertis.

Acquisition of 7 buildings in Madrid "Canalejas Madrid Centro Project".

March 2013

Acquisition of 4% Abertis.

August 2013

Beginning previou work Canalejas Madrid Centro.

January 2014

Acquisition of 24,5% of Inmobiliaria Colonial.

December 2015

Merger agreement netween Grupo Ferroatlántica and Globe Specialty Metals.

March 2016

Promotion and launching of Torre Caleido (Madrid).

October 2017

Beggining of construction of Torre Caleido (Madrid).