Activities 2020-2025

Main future activities 2020-2025

• Activity mainly concentrated in construction and promotion of concessions.
• Reference in the construction of hospitals and railways.
• Ranked in the USA in the Top 20 contractors by sector (transportation) (#18) and in the Top 50 Domestic Heavy Contractors (#15) according to ENR 2019.

• Silicio FerroSolar: complete pilot plant for photovoltaic-solar-quality silicon metal and transition to industrial scale plant.
• Continue consolidation of production plants in core products (silicon metal, silicon based alloy, and manganese based alloys) to enhance geographic reach and product capabilities as attractive opportunities arise.
• Acquisition of raw materials including manganese ore and high quality quartz.
• Continued evaluation of strategic opportunities in Asia, including joint ventures, procurement, commercial expansion and R&D collaborations.

• Development of the Canalejas Project, Development of the “War Office Building” and Development of Caleido.

• Construction of hydroelectric plants in Spain.
• Construction of one or more wind farms in Spain.
• Construction of LNG plant.
• Construction of Hydroelectric Pumping Station.