Fundacion Juan-Miguel Villar MirThe Juan-Miguel Villar Mir Foundation was founded in Madrid, on September, 2007. His definitive statutes were approved in October 2008.

His creation reflects an alive commitment of Group Villar Mir with social responsibility and of support to the social environment where its companies are present.

The Foundation was established precisely from this long experience of service and to improve the social benefits, cultural and sporting activities provided by the Group, which in 2008 exceeded the figure of 5 million euros.

Purpose of the Foundation

Improving the quality of life of Spanish society.

Contribute to social and humanitarian situation in all its forms, including volunteering, social insertion and development cooperation.

The promotion of all cultural, musical, artistic, scientific, educational, technological development and environmental protection.

Among the requests for assistance received, the Board of Trustees plans to invest its funds in 2009 to the following chapters:

  • 48% Cultural and educational activities
  • 34% Social Activities
  • 10% Support for people with disabilities
  • 8% Sports Support