VM Energía
Torre Espacio
Ps de la Castellana 259-D
28046 Madrid. España
T: +34 91 722 3900
F: +34 91 561 7606


VM Energía is the head of Grupo Villar Mir for the implementation of its energy sector activities.

Grupo Villar Mir has engaged in energy sector activities from the outset, although the relevance of this business for the Group as a whole has diminished to date.

VM Energía temporarily manages the production of Ferroatlántica S.A.’s seven hydroelectric plants and Hidro Nitro S.A.’s five plants, which have a total installed power of 210 MW and production of 600 million kWh in an average hydraulic year.

During 2010, VM Energía acquired 100% of Céntrica Energía, S.L. (currently named Enérgya VM, S.L.). This company engages in electricity and gas commercialisation activities, as well as representing special-regime producers and performing important tasks in relation to the interconnections existing between the main countries in Western Europe, and in particular, between Spain and France.